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Research & Development – from Molecules to Lubricants & Specialties

PENTOPLUS is more than a workplace for its R&D people

The scientists of PENTOPLUS have achieved the pole position in the lubricants industry in developing and designing new products for future demands, transferring new concepts into reality and keeping current fluids up to date. More than 80 years of sophisticated knowledge and collective experience ensure that PENTOPLUS is always some steps ahead of competition and that no other producer of lubricants can reach our level of expertise. To keep our competitive position and extend our technological superiority we permanently invest into expensive elaborate research and development test work. This guarantees the uniqueness of our technological position for the future and is the best basis for an array of top performing lubricants to come.


PentoPlus CHF 11 S

PentoPlus CHF 202

PentoPlus ATF 1

PentoPlus FFL-2

PentoPlus FFL-3

PentoPlus FFL-4

PentoPlus O-1178

Gas Engine Oil Pentolub 973

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