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certified environmental management

Environmental Safety

We have established a successfully operating certified Environmental Management and use – wherever possible – raw materials which are not harmful to the environment and which are biodegradable. The continuously obtained Environment Certificate ISO 14001 is the best proof that our business activities and production processes are in harmony with our nature.


The separated waste is collected in suitable containers in Hamburg. Recycling and final disposal are made approved companies specialized in this field. The separation of waste is supervised by skilled employees.

All our production processes operate without water. In small quantities drinking water is used for some service facilities (analytical laboratory, heating). Water consumption is metered per production side.

Waste Water from the social rooms flows through special pipes into the existing municipal sewage drainage.

The Air used in production processes is set free into the atmosphere after filtration. According to legal regulations no substances are set free which might be endangering health. According to the regulations issued by the local authorities the facilities are subject to regular maintenance, and the set free used air is monitored.

The noise level is regularly controlled and recorded. There is no impact on the environment by noise emission.

The ground areas of our plants are mainly sealed with asphalt, concrete and compound stones. All activities to prevent contamination of soil are made in accordance with the local authorities as well as the TÜV (Süd, Nord).

Means of energy which are used by both sites are heating oil as well as electricity. From 2000 on the energy consumption is recorded in a special register to show possibilities to save energy.

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